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Hello friends! in this post you can download Magisk ZIP and Magisk APK as well

Android Rooting becomes the favorite of most of the users and why?  because android rooting enables you to use plenty of mods and features.

For very old android version devices we had many options to root Android Devices such as – Towel Root, Kingroot, Kingoroot, Iroot etc.

Now a days Android is focusing on security due to this all the above-mentioned root applications are not working so far.

No problem!  now we have the most valuable root managing application that is Magik Manager and it is also known as systemless root method.

Rooting the Android device, you need to download Magisk zip and magisk APK is also required to install manually after flashing the zip file in some cases, I will tell you when.

Although the superSu was also in trend, for now, magisk is owning all the root manager applications.

There are plenty of advantages to using Magisk. you can use all the banking applications after rooting and I will tell you below how you can use it.

In this post, I will tell you how you can root an android device in 3 different ways.


If you like stable or beta then you can consider about the donation for their constant support-


What is Magisk?

Magisk is a rooting tool that was developed by topjohnwu in 2016.It is a systemless rooting method it modifies the system with modifying it actually.

All the modifications would not be stored in system partition if the android device is rooted using magisk, actually, these modifications are actually stored in boot partition.

Even google SafetyNet also can’t able to detect the modifications.


Magisk stable includes all the working features and modules but unfortunately, it has less modules as compare to beta versions.

If your Android version is compatible with the stable version, then I would recommend you to stick with the stable version only try to don’t go for the beta versions.

Some times installing the modules from the beta version cause the bootloop.


This one is a testing version obliviously! It includes many modules. But sometimes it contains many bugs.

For every latest android version, if stable is not working then beta could work.

Magisk Downloads

ZIP Downloads

Magisk Uninstaller

Magisk 20.4.1 – Stable

Magisk 20.4.1 -Beta

Magisk 20.3 -Stable

Magisk 20.3 -Beta

Magisk 20.1

Magisk 19.4

APK Downloads

Magisk 7.5.1

Magisk 7.4.0

Magisk 7.3.4

Magisk 7.3.2

Rooting Guides to Root Android Devices Using Magisk

What is Magisk Manager?

Magisk Manager is an application which is used to manage / Hide root with various application installed in device.

It is also used to download and install the various Mods or Modules.

Download Latest version ZIP using magisk manager

  • Download magisk manager apk from above download link.
  • Install the apk.
  • Open the application.
  • If you want to download stable or beta zip then you need to go settings> update channel and choose stable or beta accordingly.
  • if you see a red cross in the magisk manager it means root is not yet installed in your device.
  • Tap to install and then click on Download ZIP.
  • Now you can simply install the same zip file using TWRP.
[ct_message type=”warning” ]Make sure to keep magisk uninstall zip file because you never know when your device could boot loop [/ct_message]

How to Install Modules

  • Open the side menu bar
  • Tap on Downloads now all the available modules would be listed there, before installing any module make sure that is compatible to your device.

Change updating channel

If you want to switch from beta to stable or vice versa then this feature is going to help you a lot, the only thing that you need to do is-

Go to settings > Update channel and select either stable or beta.

Ways to Root Android Device

We have mentioned 3 ways to Root Android Device –

How to Install Magisk Zip File Using TWRP Recovery?

Few steps are required to root device using TWRP Recovery.

  • Poweroff your device or you can boot directly to recovery if you have advance reboot option.
  • Hold the Volume up + Power button to boot into recovery.
  • Go to the installation section, and browse the compatible zip file for your android version.
  • After the successful installation of zip file tap on reboot system.

check the Android device is rooted

  • Open magisk manager application.
  • The home screen of should have two green checks and it represents that root is installed in your device.

magisk installed

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