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How to Unlock Bootloader of Mi 10 Ultra

In this post, you will see how to unlock bootloader of Mi 10 Ultra with pc and also you need to know the Pre-Requisites to unlock Mi 10 Ultra.

Unlocking bootloader of Mi 10 Ultra is the very first process that is required to do before Installing the Mods, Custom Roms and Recoveries.

Even you also need to unlock bootloader for installing the fastboot ROMs. Because the MIUI fastboot ROMs requires an unlocked device.

let’s know some reasons to unlock Mi 10 Ultra before unlocking.

My warranty will be voided after unlocking bootloader of Mi 10 Ultra?

According to Xiaomi No, But if you will use using custom after unlocking then, obviously your warranty would be voided.

Pre-Requisites to Unlock Bootloader of Mi 10 Ultra

  1. 30% battery.
  2. An Mi Account.
  3. Internet.
  4. ADB drivers for Mi 10 Ultra.
  5. PC and Mi unlock tool should be installed (If you are unlocking the bootloader of Mi 10 Ultra with pc).
  6. USB Cable.
  7. Winrar for extracting the zip files.

How to Check that Mi 10 Ultra Bootloader is Locked or Not?

If you have not enabled developer option yet, then you need to unlock Developer options of Mi 10 Ultra now.

The bootloader is locked by default for every Xiaomi device including Mi 10 Ultra. You can confirm the unlock status for your device by following some steps that are given below:-

  • Open settings and go to Additional Settings.
  • If you have enabled the developer option in Mi 10 Ultra then you will see ‘Developer Options ‘.
  • Now search for ‘MI Unlock Status’.
  • If you see ‘This Device is Locked’ and obviously, Mi 10 Ultra bootloader is locked.

In the below-given screenshot, you can see the status of Locked device.

Some useful links to download ROM’s and Recovery for Mi 10 Ultra:-

Enable developer Option in Mi 10 Ultra

First of all, make sure that you have enabled the developer option. If you have not done it yet then you need to enable the developer options of Mi 10 Ultra now:-

  • Go to Settings > About Phone.
  • Tap rapidly on MIUI version for 6 – 7 times or until you see a message that is “you are Now a Developer”.
  • After doing so, The developer options of Mi 10 Ultra should be enabled. If it is enabled then you will get a new option ‘Developer Options‘¬† in Settings > Aditional Settings.

Now, you can open the Unlock status of Mi 10 Ultra.

Reasons To Unlock Bootloader of Mi 10 Ultra

  • Rooting is a task that the Android users often do, And for installing Magisk root in Mi 10 Ultra you need to unlock the bootloader first.
  • For installing any custom recovery such as TWRP.
  • To install custom ROMs for Mi 10 Ultra such as LineageOS, Pixel Experience, and Resurrection Remix.
  • Bootloader unlocking is also required for testing beta version MIUI ROMs.

Essential Downloads To Unlock Mi 10 Ultra

Remember, After unlocking Mi 10 Ultra data would be deleted. So, make sure have a backup before proceeding.

How To Unlock Bootloader of Mi 10 Ultra

First of all, make sure you have all essentials for unlocking Mi 10 Ultra.

Extract the zip file of Mi Flash Tool and install the program. Install the essential drivers for Mi 10 Ultra, You can use 15 sec ADB installer for easy installation.

Now you are ready for unlocking.

  1. Go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Developer Options > Enable OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging.
  2. Now, Again Settings -> Mi unlock Status -> Additional Settings -> Developer Options -> Mi unlock status.
  3. Read the warnings carefully and then tap on agree then Tap on Add Account and Device.
  4. Power Off your Device.
  5. Now, connect Mi 10 Ultra Via USB cable and hold Volume Down and Power button to boot into fastboot mode.
  6. Open Mi unlock tool application in pc. Click on Agree and here again you need to login with the same mi account which one you have added before in Mi Unlock status.
  7. Click on Unlock Now.If in case the Unlock button is not highlighted to continue, it means your Mi 10 Ultra having problems to connect with PC. Just resolve the issue and repeat this procedure again.
  8. Your process would most probably be failed at 99%, If your mi account doesn’t have the permission to unlock Mi 10 Ultra. Your waiting time would be displayed on the same window.
  9. Now, you have only one option and that is to wait till the given time and then follow the entire process again to unlock bootloader of Mi 10 Ultra.
  10. Once the waiting time gets finished then you can unlock Mi 10 Ultra without any issues.

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