TWRP Recovery Download For All Android Devices

TWRP word stands for Team Win Recovery Project. Team Win Recovery is a Quite large name to address, So, referring the Team Win Recovery Project as TWRP.

It is a custom recovery for AndroidOS device and it is compatible with the below-listed device having any Android version 10 (Q), 9(Pie), 8.1 (Oreo), etc.

However, most of you know that relating the android version and custom recovery doesn’t make any sense right?
–   Of course, there is no means to relate the Android versions to custom recoveries.

But what if you want to install AndroidOS based on project treble using a custom recovery, Does it make sense now?
–  Yes! here in this case, you need to install the Treble TWRP Recovery.

If you don’t know about the Project treble, actually the project treble is a vast topic, So, let me try to explain to you about project treble within one line or two.

Whenever you try to update any Android device then, of course, your android software would update and you can see it in frontend also, But the update process requires a rework on vendor implementations and this one is backend process.

But if your device has the support of project treble then any rework on vendor partition doesn’t require while updating your device.

The overall mean is if you have to install any project treble ROM then only Treble TWRP recovery or any treble custom recovery is going to help.

Even for using gcam you need to install camera2api using recovery.

Here in this post, we have listed the download links of TWRP recovery IMG for all supported devices.

let us know what is TWRP recovery? and for which purpose it is used.

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TWRP Recovery

It is a third party or we can say it is a custom recovery that is used to install 3rd party mods and firmware (Custom Roms). Remember, these custom recoveries are not developed by the official OEMs.

Your device warranty would be voided definitely so, use custom recovery on your own risk. If you are interested and want to make this recovery, then check out TWRP source code.

What Is TWRP Recovery?

TWRP is a custom recovery that is commonly used for flashing or installing the third party mods and firmwares. This recovery was released on 30 july 2011 and this popular custom recovery is coded in C++ language. Remember, either you can install the custom recovery or stock recovery because there is only one partition for recovery in any device.

Requirements for installing Team Win Recovery Project Recovery?

  1. Android device.
  2. Make sure the bootloader of your device is unlocked.
  3. ADB & Device drivers
  4. USB cable to connect your device with PC.
  5. Download compatible Recovery for your device.
  6. If the file is TWRP Recovery .zip then you need winrar to extract the package.
  7. make your battery is sufficient for 5 minutes screen on time
  8. Lazy flasher in case of any bootloop.

Donate to TWRP for Support

All the recoveries are available in the below list any of them is not created by us. So, all the credit goes to hardworking developers. Please consider a donation for TWRP so, we can get more support from the official developers


Download TWRP Recovery for all Devices

How to Install in Samsung Devices

Remember, only Odin flashable recovery is going to work and this recovery file would have .tar extension.

USB drivers of Samsung device must have installed on your pc

If, you don’t want any trouble then do not test any option. Use only that option for which you are sure.
  1. Turn on the developer option. (Settings > About Phone > Tap seven times on Build Number)
  2. Enable OEM Unlock from the developer option.
  3. Switch of your Samsung device.
  4. Now Hold Home + Power and Volume Down Button to boot your device is Download Mode (Fastboot mode)
  5. For accepting the warning you need to press the volume up button.
  6. After follow the above steps your Samsung device should have in download mode.
  7. After a successful boot into reccovery connect your Samsung device with USB cable.
  8. Once your device is successfully connected then you will see an Added message on Odin window.
  9. Click on AP tab and browse the compatible Recovery.tar file for your device.

How to install TWRP Recovery

Make sure your device bootloader is unlocked, because it’s not possible to install TWRP recovery or any custom recovery without unlocking the bootloader.

ADB and fastboot drivers must have installed

This method is not going to help for Samsung devices. Samsung users have to install recovery Using Odin
  • Boot your device into fast boot or download mode
  • Open the command prompt in your pc.
  • Browse the directory where the recovery IMG file is stored.
  • Replace twrp-recovery with the exact name of your IMG file and enter the commandfastboot flash recovery twrp-Recovery.img
  • To boot into  recovery enter the  command adb reboot recovery
  • Make sure to factory reset your device after the fresh installation of recovery.
For Rooting your Device simply flash Magisk using reovery.

Get the gapps for your device.

How make Nandroid backup Using TWRP Recovery

What is Nandroid Backup?

Nandroid backup is a complete backup of Android devices including system and data. Now here, backup of data isn’t mean files such as- photos, videos, etc. Remember, here the data means the data of applications including all the third-party applications.

It’s good to have a Nandroid backup using  Recovery before installing any mods and custom Roms. Because obviously you don’t know when your device would be bricked.

Highly Recommended:-  Always try to make a backup after removing the patterns, fingerprints, etc. Because we have seen with many devices even TWRP Recovery users can’t able to unlock the device after a successful restore (Doesn’t matter you are using the correct patterns, pin codes, fingerprints or not)

For making a Nandroid backup using TWRP recovery follow all the given steps carefully -:)

  1. First of all, Power off your device or custom ROM users may have Advance reboot option (If enabled) so, they can direct boot to recovery from the system. (Skip step two if you have booted to recovery)
  2. Hold power and volume-up button simultaneously until you see the boot screen.

TWRP Recovery

  1. After a successful boot into Recovery, tap on backup, now select the partitions of which you want to make backup
Usually TWRP Recovery users make a backup of system and recovery, but I would recommend you to have a backup of vendor section also and if you want to make the backup of all applications with their data then you can simply select the data too.

Have a look on  the below images to clear the concept-

  1. After selecting the partitions swipe the slider to right side.
  2. Now hopefully the backup process is started wait for it to be finished.
  3. After making a successful backup reboot your device to system.

How to Restore Android backup using TWRP Recovery

  1. Power off your device.
  2. Hold power and volume-up button simulatiously untill you see boot screen.
  3. After a successful boot into TWRP Recovery, tap on restore, now select the partitions of which you want to make restore.
  4. Most probably the backup file name would be there if you have resource in which you have made backup.

How to flash or install Custom ROM Using TWRP Recovery

Here we have mentioned some very basic steps to install custom rom using TWRP recovery.

  • Boot your device to TWRP Recovery.
  • Tap on Wipe section.

Now, Again here is another twist, if you are updating your device android version by installing custom ROM using TWRP Recovery or you are going to install the first custom ROM after installation of TWRP Recovery then i would recommend you to wipe your internal storage too and this is known as clean flash.

Otherwise, you can skip the wipe of internal storage, this installation process is known as dirty flash

  • Select the partition Dalvik / ART Cache, System, Data, Cache and select the internal storage partition accordingly.
  • Now, Swipe right to wipe the partitions.
  • Now, get back to the installation section and browse the compatible custom rom package for your device, see in the below image i was installing Pixel Experience as an example.
  • After the successful installation of ROM you can flash the gapps package as similar if required otherwise tap on reboot system. (For me gapps installation was not required)
How to Mount the Partition in TWRP Recovery and when it is needed?
USB is connected but still you can’t see it in TWRP recovery?

Can’t able to access or wipe the internal or external storage?

if you are facing the above issues then the MOUNT feature of TWRP is going to help you a lot.

  1. Go to mount section.
  2. Select the partitions in which you have issues to access or wipe.
  3. If you have issues with Internal, external or USB storage then tap on Select storage and select accordingly.

TWRP Recovery

Settings of TWRP Recovery
  1. You can set the time zone in TWRP recovery.
  2. You can change the language of TWRP recovery.
  3. Support of enable and disable screen timeout or you can also choose the timeout in seconds.
  4. Adjust the TWRP Recovery screen brightness accordingly.
  5. The Vibration of TWRP recovery is pretty high and annoying, if it matters for you also the you can adjust the vibration of Button, Keyboard and Action.

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