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Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix is the well-known custom ROM and it is also often referred as RR ROM.

if you are a hardcore fan of custom from then, you must have heard about it, or possibly you have used Resurrection Remix ROM before.

For your convenience, we have prepared a huge list of devices with the latest version Resurrection Remix ROM.

you can download Resurrection Remix for your device from the below-given links make sure to download the compatible ROM Package for your device.

This custom ROM supports decent customization, in fact, you can change the complete UI of your device.

Personally I didn’t found any other Custom ROM having such customization features.

As we know that noting is perfect similarly there are some drawbacks of this ROM.

So, stick with the post consciously because it is good to know everything before installing the ROM.

This ROM was compiled with the help of AOSP source code and is based on LineageOS Too.

Let us explore the features of Resurrection Remix and know how to install this custom ROM.

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What is Resurrection Remix

This is the only Custom ROM that aims to provide you the powerful customization with the neat and clean user interface. It is another custom ROM which is based on the LineageOS

Our Average Rating to Resurrection Remix In the perspective of all Devices (Official Builds)

In terms of Customization–   10/10

In terms of stability (Out of 10)–  7.5/10

Overall (Out of 10)–  8/10

[ct_message type=”info” ]We have rated this ROM to let you know is this Custom ROM good for you or not.

Let me know in the comments do you appreciate with our rating or not.


Requirements for Installing The ROM

  • Must have installed TWRP Recovery.
  • Compatible ROM Zip file.
  • lazy Flasher to prevent with a boot loop.
  • Must have sufficient battery for 5 min screen on time at least.

Customization / Features of Resurrection Remix ROM

Resurrection remix contains many customizations and features even we can’t cover all of the features in this topic.

I have mentioned the most popular features of this ROM ONLY.

[ct_message type=”info” ]All the customization features are available in Settings > Resurrection Tools.[/ct_message]


  • In-Built App Hider– To Hide your private apps now you can use the resurrection Remix Inbuilt App lock.


  • In-built Screen Recorder– Resurrection has Inbuilt Screen Recorder which supports recording in 480p for now.

You can enable the screen recording using the shortcut available in the notification panel.

resurrection remix notofication panel 2

  • Navigation – You have most probably seen the filing navigation bar that at the middle it contains the Resurrection Remix logo.

you can also replace this logo with any other or even with your photo. It is interesting right!.

resurrection remix navigation home

  • Resurrection Tools– Resurrection tools contain a bunch of features and customization as you can see in the below images.

I have added screenshots of most of the features.

  • Restart Shortcut– To reboot into recovery you don’t need to that manual method and it is also not required to enable the advance reboot from settings.

Just tap on the restart icon available in Notification bar after this you will see recovery right on the same icon.

Now, hold the Icon to reboot into recovery.

  • Gaming Mode– Enable the gaming mode in just one tap from notification panel shortcut. You never be disturbed while gaming by any application including Whatsapp messages.

Gaming Mode will also clean the RAM and kills unnecessary apps running in the background.

  • Side-Navigation– These are other navigation buttons used for the same purpose, as you can see in the below image.

To use the side navigation swipe to right from the left- middle corner.

resurrection remix left swipe navigation

  • Split Screen– Split screen feature is available in most of the custom rooms. Split-screen proved very useful for multitasking.

To use Split screen in resurrection remix you need to the middle icon of filing and swipe to upwards.

Resurrection Remix Downloads

How to Install Resurrection Remix Using Custom Recovery (TWRP/RWRP/OFRP/Pitch Black)

Here we have mentioned some very basic steps to install Resurrection Remix using Custom recovery.

  • Boot your device to Recovery mode.
  • Tap on Wipe section.
[ct_message type=”info” ]

If you are updating your device android version by installing Resurrection Remix using Custom Recovery then i would recommend you wipe the internal storage partition too.

you can skip the wipe of internal storage, this installation process is known as dirty flash.

  • Select partition Dalvik / ART Cache, System, Data, Cache, and select the internal storage partition.
  • Now, Swipe right to wipe the partitions.
  • Now, get back to the installation section.
  • Browse the compatible Resurrection Remix ROM package for your device. Have a look on images that are given below.
  • After the successful installation of Resurrection Remix ROM tap on reboot system.

Install Resurrection Remix For Samsung devices?

  • Boot your device into TWRP Recovery.
  • Tap on wipe.
  • Select cache, data, and system partition.
  • Swipe right side to wipe the partitions.
  • Now you need to sideload ROM zip file.
  • Now, go to reboot > Recovery.
  • After a successful boot into TWRP recovery install the resurrection remix zip file again.
  • Once the ROM installed successfully boot your device to the system.

How to Update Resurrection Remix ROM?

For updating the ROM. you need to make the backup of data and download the latest version Resurrection Remix ROM.

After this follow exactly the above-given installation process but don’t wipe internal storage this time.

If you are updating ROM to the new android version. Then i would recommend you wipe the internal storage Too.

How to Root Resurrection Remix using magisk?

Few steps are required to root the device using magisk.

  • Poweroff your device or you can boot directly to recovery if you have advance reboot option.
  • Hold the Volume up + Power button to boot into recovery.
  • Go to the installation section, and browse the magisk zip file for your android version.
  • After the completing installation of magisk ZIP file tap on reboot system.
  • Now, you should have root access in your device.

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