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Latest version | Pixel Experience for Mi Mix 2S

Pixel Experience For Mi Mix 2S is now available to download And in this post, you will also see some reason to install Pixel Experience in Mi Mix 2S.

If you are not a core user then you may not know that the Mi Mix 2S has a codename Polaris and i have referred the device using the Polaris codename.

There are many custom ROMs for Mi Mix 2S but this ROM is one of the most popular and probably the stable ones.

Provide polaris simple and stock android looks by installing this Custom ROM.

Pixel ROM comes with two versions that are basic version and Pixel Experience Plus Edition, you can download the available builds of your device form this post itself.

In case of any problem, do check out how to install Pixel Experience ROM in Mi Mix 2S using TWRP Recovery. The silly installing mistakes could result in serious boot loops.

So, let’s move towards some Mi Mix 2S pixel experience ROM features and download the latest build for polaris.

Requirements to use Pixel Experience in Mi Mix 2S

Reasons to choose Pixel ROM for Mi Mix 2S?

  • Pixel Experience Official builds have good stability.
  • To get regular updates in Mi Mix 2S.
  • Neat and clean UI.
  • For updating the Android Version.

Features of Mi Mix 2S Pixel Experience ROM

As we already know that this doesn’t support the plenty of customization but still, we have a few basic customizations:-

  • You can customize the style in polaris pixel Experience ROM as shown in the below images.
  • Notification panel shortcuts available in this ROM.
  • You can see some special and new features of polaris pixel experience ROM from Pixel tips.

  • Now, you can use automatic caption in polaris pixel experience ROM.

Pixel Experience portrait photo

What Makes Pixel Experience Plus Edition Different?

  • Polaris Pixel experience comes plus edition ROM  has an inbuilt screen recorder, you don’t need to use any third-party application in Mi Mix 2S.
  • Plus edition polaris ROM supports custom screenshot which would help you capture any selected part of the screen.

Pixel Experience custom screenshot

  • Caffeine is a toggle feature and it allows to put Mi Mix 2S in sleep mode or temporary disable screen lock.
  • Mi Mix 2S Pixel Experience plus edition supports show or hide notch screen feature enable it from display settings of polaris.
  • It comes with a built-in Google camera or MIUI camera support for most of the devices.
  • The UI of the update is completely changed in polaris pixel experience plus edition and now the changelog is also available.

The redesigned system update page:–>


Download Pixel Experience Mi Mix 2S ROM

Some useful links to download ROM’s and Recovery for Mi Mix 2S:-

Do checkout requirements to install Pixel ROM in Mi Mix 2S.

Remember, I am not encouraging you for installing this custom ROM. Do all at your own risk and you will be the only responsible for any soft or hard brick.

Make sure to Create a backup of Mi Mix 2S  before installing ROM.

Do check out how to update Pixel Experience in Mi Mix 2S.

You will get both basic and plus edition ROM from below Download Link –>

Mi Mix 2S (ROM link)

How to Update Pixel Experience in Mi Mix 2S

Consider a Nandroid Backup of polaris before wiping the partitions.

  • Open settings < system < Updates and download the latest update for Mi Mix 2S.
  • Boot your polaris into Recovery mode.
  • Go to wipe section.
  • Select DALVIK / ART CACHE and CACHE partitions and swipe rightwards to wipe.
  • Go to Install and browse the Pixel Experience ROM package.
  • Swipe right to flash the ROM.
  •  Now, your Mi Mix 2S should have updated successfully.
Create a Nandroid Backup of Mi Mix 2S Before Installing Pixel Experience

For creating a Nandroid Backup using TWRP Recovery follow all the given steps carefully -:)

You need to install TWRP Recovery in Mi Mix 2S if you have not installed it yet.

  1. Power off Mi Mix 2S (polaris).
  2. Hold power and volume-up button simultaneously until you see the boot screen of polaris.

TWRP Recovery

  1. Once the polaris boot in TWRP, open backup, now select the partitions of which you want to make a backup.

Usually most of the users make the backup of system and recovery only, but I will recommend you to create a backup of vendor partition also and if you want to make the backup of all applications installed in Mi Mix 2S (Polaris) with their data then you can simply select the data too.

see the below-given images if you have any doubt-

  1. After selecting the partitions swipe the slider to the right side.
  2. Now hopefully the backup process is started in Mi Mix 2S (polaris) wait for it to be finished.
  3. After making a successful backup reboot polaris to the system.
  4. Now, you can install pixel experience Mi Mix 2S ROM, if you get any issue while installation then you can restore the previous backup of Mi Mix 2S (polaris).

Install Pixel Experience In Mi Mix 2S Using TWRP Recovery

You should follow some given steps to install Pixel experience polaris ROM

  • Boot TWRP Recovery.
  • Tap on Wipe section.

If you are updating the android version of Mi Mix 2S by installing Pixel Experience ROM using TWRP Recovery then, I would recommend you to wipe the internal storage partition too.

otherwise, you can skip the wipe of internal storage, But it would be a dirty flash.

  • Select partition Dalvik / ART Cache, System, Data, Cache, and select the internal storage partition.
  • Swipe right to wipe the partitions of Polaris.
  • Now, get back to the installation section, and browse the compatible Pixel Experience ROM.
  • After the successful installation of ROM on polaris tap on reboot system.

You can install Gapps or Magisk also by following the above-given steps, It will definitely work for you if you would install a compatible version.

Download- Open Gapps

How to Root Pixel Experience Mi Mix 2S ROM?

To root this ROM you need to install magisk Root in Mi Mix 2S.

Download-> Magisk

  • Power Off polaris.
  • Hold the Volume up + Power button to boot polaris into TWRP recovery.
  • Now go to the install section and flash the Magisk.
  • Once the installation is done in Mi Mix 2S (polaris) tap on the reboot system.
  • Now, you should have root access in Mi Mix 2S.

Use Google Camera in Pixel Experience Polaris ROM

I am pretty sure that you will get camera2api support by default in this ROM but for any exception, You can check out some below-given steps.

Gcam requires camera2api and it should be pre-installed in Pixel Experience polaris ROM, check camera2api support in Mi Mix 2S.

If you have confirmed that your Pixel experience Mi Mix 2S ROM doesn’t have the support of camera2API, then follow the below-given steps-

If camera2API is Not Enabled in Pixel experience polaris ROM

    • Download the Camera2API zip file.
    • Boot Mi Mix 2S (Polaris) into recovery mode.
    •  Flash Camera2API.zip from Install section.
    • Check again that camera2api support is enabled or not in Mi Mix 2S (Polaris) by using manual camera compatibility application.
    • If camera2 api is enabled download and install gcam Mi Mix 2S apk.

If camera2api support is enabled in Pixel Experience Mi Mix 2S ROM

If you have enabled the support of camera2api in Mi Mix 2S then you can use google camera MOD without any issues.

Thanks !! For visiting, GAME IS TECH! Stay tuned with Pixel Experience and Mi Mix 2S ( polaris ) Updates.

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