Latest version | LineageOS for Mi Mix 2S

LineageOS for Mi Mix 2S is available to download and in this post, you will know what the features of LineageOS Mi Mix 2S ROM that you are going to get.

This device comes with codename Polaris and most probably of you are aware of that, I have used polaris keyword to address Mi Mix 2S.

LineageOS is the current king of custom Rom and it has made its huge fanbase so far. However, nowadays many Advance users also prefer Pixel Experience, And Resurrection Remix also could be a better choice if you like customizations.

You may have used many Custom ROM for Mi Mix 2S but this custom ROM is going to impress you, Here we have some reasons to choose lineageOS for Mi Mix 2S.

Remember 🙂

I am not responsible for any type of boot loops or bricks in Mi Mix 2S (polaris). If you want to install the custom ROMs, Mods and root in polaris then proceed further on your Own Risk -:)

But i can help you out if you have any issues. Let me know your problems in the comments.

your warranty will be voided after installing the LineageOS.

Let’s move towards features of LineageOS Mi Mix 2S ROM and have a look on the installation of LineageOS in Mi Mix 2S.

Why should you choose LineageOS for Mi Mix 2S?

  • LineageOS Official Developers have never compromised with stability.
  • To enjoy regular updates in Mi Mix 2S.
  • To get neat and clean user experience in polaris.
  • To update the Android Version.

About LineageOS

LinageOS is the most popular third-party firmware or custom ROM which is compiled with the help os AOSP source Code. There are many custom ROMs available that are based on LineageOS.


Requirements to install LineageOS in Mi Mix 2S

I would suggest you make a Nandroid backup of Mi Mix 2S before the installation of ROM.

Some useful links to download ROM’s and Recovery for Mi Mix 2S:-

LineageOS ROM camera doesn’t work well, So, don’t forget to download compatible Google Camera Apk.

Features of LineageOS Mi Mix 2S ROM

Customizations and Stability are two different choices. If you prefer Stability then this ROM could be better for you.

LineageOS doesn’t support decent customization as Resurrection Remix but still, it is good because of stability.

  • Latest Android for polaris – It aims to provide the latest android version in LineageOS polaris ROM.
  • Inbuilt App Lock and Hider in Polaris – LineageOS has its own applocker and hider since the LineageOS 17.1 build.
  • Gestures– It is used to use polaris in full screen, you can also remove the navigation buttons in Mi Mix 2S by enabling this feature.
  • Custom Screenshots – Now, LineageOS Mi Mix 2S ROM has the support of a custom screenshot to capture a particular part of the screen. Same as we have seen in Resurrection Remix.
  • Security Patch – You will get the latest version security patch in Mi Mix 2S obviously, as expected.
  • Theme Picker – The app was added in LineageOS 17.1, you can change the font style and themes using this feature of polaris.
  • Dark Theme – As we all know this feature is available since android 9, you can simply enable dark mode in Polaris using notification panel shortcut.
  • Notification Panel shortcuts – below I have attached some screenshots of the Notification panel.
  • Split Screen – Run two apps simultaneously in polaris.

LineageOS 17 Android 10 (Q)

Lineage added the support of Android 10 for its all 17 and 17.1 Builds. To update or downgrade your Mi Mix 2S to Android 10 (Q) you need to install either LineageOS 17 or 17.1 builds in polaris.

Download LineageOS ROM

If you have any problem regarding installation or update follow the below-given URLs.

Update lineageOS in Mi Mix 2S

Install LineageOS in Mi Mix 2S Using TWRP Recovery

Mi Mix 2S (ROM link)

Make a Nandroid backup before installing ROM

Make sure you have installed TWRP Recovery in Mi Mix 2S.

It would be a better choice to make a Nandroid backup of Mi Mix 2S before installation of LineageOS -:)

  1. First of all, Power off Mi Mix 2S.
  2. Now, press volume up + power button to boot into recovery.

TWRP Recovery

  1. Once the Mi Mix 2S (polaris) boot in TWRP Recovery.
  2. Tap on the backup.
  3. Now, here you need to select all the partitions for which you want to make a backup.

Usually, most of the users make the backup of system and recovery only, but I will recommend you to create a backup of vendor partition also and if you want to make the backup of all applications installed in Mi Mix 2S with their data then you can simply select the data too.

see the below-given images if you have any doubt-

  1. If you have selected the partitions then swipe rightwards to start the backup process.
  2. After completing the backup of Mi Mix 2S.
  3. Tap on reboot system.
  4. Now, you can install LineageOS ROM without any issues.

How to update LineageOS Polaris ROM

  • Go to the settings of Polaris.
  • Go to system < advanced.
  • Choose the last option Updater.
  • You will see there that update is available or not for Mi Mix 2S.

Install LineageOS in Mi Mix 2S Using Custom Recovery

If you are updating Mi Mix 2S (polaris) android version by installing LineageOS Mi Mix 2S ROM then I will suggest you wipe the internal storage partition too.

Otherwise, you can skip the wipe of the internal storage of polaris, this installation process is known as dirty flash.

I was flashing the ROM with OFRP but the same steps can be followed with TWRP also.

Now you need to follow some steps to install LineageOS polaris ROM.

  • If you have enabled advance reboot option in polaris then you can boot directly to recovery Mode otherwise PowerOFF your polaris.
  • Hold volume up +power Button simultaneously until you see the boot screen of Mi Mix 2S.
  • Go to Wipe.
  • Select partition Dalvik / ART Cache, System, Data, Cache, and select the internal storage partitions of Mi Mix 2S.
  • Now, Swipe right to wipe the partitions.
  • Get back to the installation section.
  • Browse the LIneageOS ROM.
  • After the successful installation of ROM in Mi Mix 2S, tap on the reboot system.

If you still have any issues regarding installation then, have a look on below images.


You can install Gapps or Magisk also by following the above-given steps, It will definitely work for you if you would install compatible version.

Download- Open Gapps

How to Root LineageOS Mi Mix 2S ROM?

Download Magisk ZIP file which is needed to be flash.

  • Poweroff polaris.
  • Hold the Volume up + Power button to boot Mi Mix 2S into recovery.
  • Go to the installation section, and browse the compatible magisk zip file for Mi Mix 2S (polaris).
  • After the completing installation of magisk ZIP in polaris tap on reboot system.
  • Now, you should have root access in Mi Mix 2S.

Use Google Camera in LineageOS Polaris ROM

I am pretty sure that you will get camera2api support by default in this LineageOS ROM but for any exception, You can check out some below-given steps.

Google Camera for Mi Mix 2S

Gcam requires camera2api and it should be installed in LineageOS Mi Mix 2S ROM, check polaris supports camera2API by default or not by visiting our Gcam post.

After checking, If your LineageOS doesn’t have the support of camera2API, Then you need to follow the below-given steps-

After a successful installation of camera2api you can use the google camera ports in your device.

Thank you for visiting Game Is Tech! Stay tuned with LineageOS and Mi Mix 2S ( polaris ) updates

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