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In this post, you will download the latest version of Mi 9 Se TWRP (TWRP Grus) Recovery and you can also see requirements to install TWRP in Mi 9 Se.

Any Custom Recovery or TWRP is very important for installing mods, Custom ROM’s (Pixel Experience, Resurrection Remix, LineageOS) even you can use TWRP Recovery for rooting Mi 9 Se.

We have a TWRP recovery flasher that is very useful for new users and if you are one of them, try to install TWRP grus recovery using this method because this method is very easy and safe.

Some of you may not know that the Codename of Mi 9 Se is Grus, So, I have referred it as grus.

TWRP is the most popular custom recovery and officially this custom Recovery also provides regular updates with fixes.

Here in this post, we have also given how you can install custom ROMs in Mi 9 Se, create Nandroid Backup, Mods, Gapps Etc. using grus TWRP.

Remember, We are not encouraging you to install TWRP Mi 9 Se recovery. Flash the Recovery on your own risk.

But, for your convenience, we have written two ways to install TWRP recovery. If you have any doubts regarding installation then I would recommend you, go through it.

What is TWRP Recovery?

TWRP is a custom recovery that helps to install Mods, Root (Magisk), Gapps Custom ROMs or third-party firmware etc in Mi 9 Se.

Requirements to Install TWRP Mi 9 Se Recovery

For installing TWRP grus Recovery, make sure to confirm all the below-mentioned stuff.

Download TWRP Grus (TWRP Mi 9 Se) Recovery

Mi 9 Se (Download LINK)

Make sure to have a Nandroid backup of Mi 9 Se using TWRP before installing any ROM.

Want to root Mi 9 Se?

Download- Magisk

Some useful links to download ROM’s and Recovery for Mi 9 Se:-

Install TWRP Recovery in Mi 9 Se

Using Tool Kit

Remember, If you are installing TWRP grus recovery using this method. Then you need to flash TWRP and Magisk Root in Mi 9 Se.

This one is an easy and safe method to Install TWRP grus recovery, Let’s see how to install TWRP Mi 9 Se Recovery using this tool Kit.

  • Connect Mi 9 Se With pc.

If you have not installed the grus drivers before, then then you can install it using 15 Sec ADB installer or using the Drivers tool that is already given in the Tool ZIP file.

  • Now move the Universal TWRP Flasher to C drive.
  • Extract the ZIP file and rename the folder as TWRP.
  • Download TWRP grus Recovery from the above-given link.
  • Move the recovery ZIP or IMG file to C:\TWRP\Files.

If you have got TWRP Mi 9 Se recovery in ZIP then extract it and move Recovery.IMG and ZIP to C:\TWRP\Files and rename both the file as or TWRP.img.

You have TWRP Mi 9 Se Recovery in IMG file only?

—> No Problem move it to C:\TWRP\Files and rename as TWRP.img

  • Finally, It’s all ready to flash TWRP Mi 9 Se Recovery Go to C:\TWRP.
  • If your operating system is based On 64 Bit then open  Universal TWRP Flasher 64 BIT otherwise you can execute the Universal TWRP Flasher 32 BIT.

Check your Mi 9 Se (grus) it asks to allow USB debugging, Allow it.

  • Click on Ok.
  • Now, you will see the warning window- Boot into fastboot mode and flash TWRP Click on OK.
  • Now your Mi 9 Se (grus) will be boot to Fastboot mode, then after a few seconds, it will boot automatically to TWRP recovery.

If you have Both TWRP. IMG and files in C:\TWRP\Files

  • Now, you will see another warning window- Go to Advanced > ADB sideload and swipe. After doing so wait for 4-5 seconds then click on OK.
  • You need to wipe the internal storage of Mi 9 Se once to get access on internal storage.

If you have only TWRP.IMG in C:\TWRP\Files

  • Go to Wipe > Select Internal Storage and wipe. (This will delete all data of grus)
  • Go to Mount > Enable MTP. (Now you can access the internal storage of Mi 9 Se from PC)
  • Now, Copy the TWRP.IMG from and paste it to Mi 9 Se > Internal storage.
  • Plugout or Disconnect grus with PC.
  • Go to Install > Install image> Browse the TWRP.IMG and install it as Recovery Image.

Now, TWRP recovery and Magisk Root should be installed in your Mi 9 Se.

Using CMD —>

First of all, make sure you have confirmed al the above-mentioned requirements for installing TWRP grus recovery.

Enter the correct command and do it carefully because flashing files in the wrong partition would definitely result to serious issues for Mi 9 Se (Grus).

  • Turn On USB debugging of Mi 9 Se.
  • Boot into fastboot or download mode using adb reboot bootloader the command.
If your device asks permissions to allow USB debugging then tap on ok to proceed further.
  • If you get TWRP Mi 9 Se recovery in ZIP file then extract it to get the recovery.img file.
  • Press Window + R button and type CMD to open the command prompt.
  • Replace twrp-recovery.img with the exact name of your IMG file and enter the commandfastboot flash recovery twrp-Recovery.img

You need to Boot into recovery again. So, do not skip the below-given command.

  • To boot into  recovery enter the  command adb reboot recovery

After the successful installation of TWRP Mi 9 Se Recovery. You need to factory reset your device from the recovery itself to access the internal storage.

  • Make sure to factory reset your device after the fresh installation of recovery.

If in case after the factory reset still you are unable to access the internal storage of Mi 9 Se then you need to wipe the internal storage too.

before wiping you can take Nandroid backup of Mi 9 Se and restore it later after wiping to prevent data loss. Save the TWRP backup fil in USB drive or in any storage media.

I have mentioned below how you can make a backup of grus.

Create / Restore a Nandroid backup using Grus TWRP (Mi 9 Se  TWRP) Recovery

It is better choice to have a Nandroid backup before installation of any mod or custom rom in Mi 9 Se (Grus).

Highly Recommended:-  Try to remove all the screen locks of Mi 9 Se  before creating a backup. Because sometimes after a successful restore of backup you would not be able to unlock the screen. You will see the wrong pattern or password error even if you are unlocking with the correct one. It may happen with Mi 9 Se (grus) if you ignore it.

For making a Nandroid backup using grus TWRP recovery follow given steps-

  1. Poweroff grus.
  2. Press Volume Up + Power button to boot into Recovery.

TWRP Recovery

  1. Once grus boots into Recovery. Go to Backup > Select the partitions for which you want to make backup,

Usually, most of the users ignore backup of vendor. If you are ignoring vendor partition then make sure it is not useful.

have a look on below-given steps & images to make Nandroid Backup of grus using TWRP Recovery-

  1. After selecting the partitions swipe the slider to right side.
  2. Now hopefully the backup process is started wait for it to be finished.
  3. After making a successful backup of grus Reboot to system.

How to Restore backup of Mi 9 Se using TWRP Recovery

  1. Power off Mi 9 Se (grus).
  2. Hold power + volume-up button simultaneously to boot grus into Recovery mode.
  3. After a successful boot into TWRP Recovery, Go to Restore> now select the partitions that you want to be restored.

Install Custom ROMs/ Gapps /Magisk Using Mi 9 Se TWRP Recovery

Let’s know how you can install Gapps, magisk and custom ROMs in Mi 9 Se using the grus TWRP Recovery.

  • Boot device into Recovery mode.
  • Go to wipe.

if you are going to update the android version of Mi 9 Se using TWRP Recovery or you are going to install the first custom rom then clean flash (Wipe internal storage) would be a better option.

  • Select the partition Dalvik / ART Cache, System, Data, Cache, and select the internal storage partition if you want to clean all data of grus.
  • Swipe to wipe the partitions.
  • Now, Go to the install section and browse the compatible custom rom for Mi 9 Se.

You can install camera2api for using gcam in the same way if it is required.


Thanks for visiting Game is Tech! Stay tuned with TWRP recovery and Mi 9 Se (Grus) updates.

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