Gcam Google Camera APK

Google camera Redmi 9 Gcam APK

In this post, you are going to download and install Redmi 9 Google Camera APK, We have also added some gcam APKs of popular modders and it could also be compatible your Redmi 9.

Using Google Camera as a primary Camera APP is a good choice but the only thing that you should have is stable Gcam.

We have added probably the most Compatible Redmi 9 Gcam apk and definitely it will perform better than the stock camera.

We have also mentioned some popular Redmi 9 Google Camera Features. But remember, You need to Enable Astrophotography mode if you are using any of version 7.0/7.1/.7.2 and i will tell you how you can do so.

Before going towards the installation. make sure to do checkout requirements for installing Gcam in Redmi 9.

So, let’s move towards the downloading and installation procedure.

Requirements To Install Google Camera In Redmi 9

If in case, you are using any custom ROM (Pixel Experience, LineageOS or Resurrection Remix) still you will get the Camera2api support by default, but if in case it isn’t installed by default then you need to install camera2api in Redmi 9.
  • Camera2API support.
  • Compatible Gcam.

Features of Google Camera In Redmi 9

We have mentioned some popular features that you are going to get after installing Gcam in Redmi 9

  • Quick Settings – open the quick settings using the arrow icon while recording or capturing images in Redmi 9. This one is a very reliable feature in my opinion.
  • Night Slight – Enhance your camera quality of night mode pictures using Gcam. Stable google camera for Redmi 9 can give you Better images as compared to the stock camera
  • Astrophotography – Using this feature you can capture the beauty of Milkyway in Redmi 9. Obviously you can do this only in the night but this isn’t similar to night sight.
  • Slowmotion –  Google camera helps you to record very real slow-motion videos. Why i implemented real word because some smartphones are available in the market those can record slow-motion on 960fps, But users face frame skipping while playing the same.

This will not happen with your Redmi 9 if you are using proper working Gcam.

  • Inbuilt google lens in 7.3 or + versions– you don’t need to install the google lens anymore you can use it from the Google camera itself if you are using 7.3 or + version Gcam.
  • Portrait modeCompatible Google Camera for Redmi 9 can help you to capture beautiful images with very good edge detection.

below we have attached some Google camera 7.X version images.

Some useful links to download ROM’s and Recovery for Redmi 9:-

Download Redmi 9 Gcam APK with Config file

Google Camera APK —–> Redmi 9 (Download Link)

if you have also downloaded the config files from the above-given link then you can see in below tutorial how to setup config files in Redmi 9.

Enable Astrophotography mode in Redmi 9 Google Camera 7.0/7.1/7.2

You may know that the Astrophotography feature is available in Gcam 7.3 or above versions. So, if you are using Gcam in Redmi 9 having version 7.0/7.1/7.2, then you need to follow some steps to enable the Astrophotography mode.

  • First of all download Google Camera for Redmi 9.
  • Install the APK package.
  • Now, Open the application and grant all the required permissions to it.
  • Go to the settings of Gcam.
  • Find the developer options, it could be in About.
  • Once you find the developer option in Redmi 9 Gcam, then scroll down and enable the below given options.


  • Now you need to select the Night sight as camera main UI.
  • now, the only thing that you need to do is- keep your device stable for activating the Astrophotography.

Some images captured using Gcam mod 7.3

Remember images are captured from Gcam but not from Redmi 9

Images captured using Rear Camera–>


How to Install Gcam Apk in Redmi 9 with or without config

If you don’t know about config file is then you can check what is the config file.

If you have config file also then follow below steps too-

  •  If you have Google Camera 6.x apk–  Go to downloads and Copy the google camera config file then paste it to the Internal Storage < Gcam< Configs. (If Folder is not available just create a new one)
  • If you have Google Camera 7.x apk– Go to downloads and browse the Config file for Gcam then Paste it to Internal Storage < Gcam< Config7. (If Folder is not available you need to create it)
  • Open the google camera in Redmi 9 and allow all the permissions.
  • Double-tap on the black space between the below image capture button and image.
  • Now select the config file.
  • Last step click on the restore.
  • You can see all the gcam config file setup steps again from below image gallery.


How to check Camera2API Enabled or Not?
I am sure most of the custom ROMs would must have support of camera2API by default. But if you are unable to open google camera then you must confirm camera2api support.
  • To check the Camera2API support in Redmi 9 you need to download manual camera compatibility apk.
  • Install the application and open it.
  • If you see green checks as shown in the below image it means camera2api is installed in Redmi 9.
  • But if you see the Red cross as shown in the below image it means camera2api is not enabled by default. No problem just have a look on below camera2API installation guide.

Install Camera2API in Redmi 9-

Using TWRP Recovery

Download Camera2api zip file that you need to flash.

As i have mentioned before that there are still very few chances that you will not get camera2api support by default. If it is not installed by default, What you need to do is follow the below-given steps.

First of all you need to Install TWRP Recovery in Redmi 9 to install camera2api, But the same steps can be followed with any installed custom recovery.

  • Poweroff Your Device.
  • Hold volume up and power button to boot TWRP Recovery.
  • Go to Install section > Browse the camera2api zip file.
  • Swipe rightwards to flash.

Using Terminal:-

You need to Root Redmi 9 for using this method:-

Root your device using Magisk now

    • Download and Install Terminal Emulator (Terminal Emulator APK).
    • Open terminal emulator app.
    • Enter the below-given command in the terminal.
      su su persist.camera.HAL3.enabled 1 exit exit
    • Now you can confirm the camera2api support using Manual camera compatibility.

That’s it you have installed camera2api in Redmi 9 you can confirm the same using manual camera compatibility app.

Using Magisk:-

You need to Root Redmi 9 using Magisk if it is not rooted yet.

Remember installing magisk apk only doesn’t root your device, You need to flash proper magisk zip file using custom recovery :-

Once you have to install magisk root in Redmi 9 then you can follow below-given steps-

  • Open the Magisk Manager application.
  • Tap on the icon to open the right slider.
  • Go to downloads and search camera2api.
  • Download it.
  • Once the downloading gets finished tap on install now.
  • Reboot Redmi 9 to save changes.

Thanks for visiting game is tech! Stay tuned with Google Camera and Redmi 9 Updates

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