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Google Camera

Gcam is a camera application and this was available for pixel devices only.

But nowadays, Due to the rapid development of Android applications, the unofficial developers started porting the Google Camera APKs for all devices.

Gcam can’t be installed in any of the Android devices if it doesn’t have the support of Camera2API. However, most of the android devices manufacturers are providing the Camera2API by default, So, the users can use the Gcam in their Android device.

Google Camera APKs developers have made a very precise algorithm for processing an image.

The Image quality of the Gcam is dependent on the Image processing service and machine learning of the device, this could be the only reason for the variation of image quality of different devices having the same google camera ports (Gcam Ports).

We have all the latest version Gcam APK availability in a shorted manner.

If you can’t be able to find the Gcam APK for your device in the below list then it could be possible that we have forgotten to add Google Camera for your device.

So, don’t worry let us know in the comment section. We have not ported any of the Gcam APK So, all the credit goes to the hardworking developers.

We have listed some names of popular Google camera ports developer  (gcam ports developer) who are continuously contributing –

  • Arnova8G2
  • BSG
  • back.rider
  • cstark
  • fu24 marlin-ku
  • Parrot043
  • san1ty
  • the_dise
  • Urnyx05
  • wyroczen
Google Camera apk
Google Camera

Features of Google Camera Ports

Here we have mentioned some powerful features of google camera apk-

  • Sliders – Now, it becomes very easy to make videos and capturing images for google camera users with the help of sliding features. You can choose the Quick setting while recording or capturing by clicking on a small arrow down icon.
  • Night Slight – Capture the worth and saturated images using the Night slight feature. Night slight doesn’t capture images using the flashlight but still this on the favorable feature of google camera.

All the shots were clicked by Redmi Note 8 Pro with wyroczen Gcam 7.3.

  • Astrophotography – Astrophotography feature is especially added for clicking the images of stars and moon. Obviously, you can do this only in the night but this isn’t similar to night sight. Capture the classy nature in your device by using Google Camera.
  • Slowmotion with sound  –  As we have seen in many android devices camera that slow-motion doesn’t record the sound, but this is not actually with Google camera. You can record Slowmotion videos without losing the sound.
  • Portrait Mode – No doubt Google camera helps you to capture very accurate portrait shots most of the time. But for such edge detection accuracy you need to find compatible google camera port for your device.
  • Inbuilt Google Lens– Gcam 7.3 or above comes with inbuilt google lens support. Now you don’t need to install Google lens if you are using google camera 7.3 or above.


Some shots Taken by Google Camera Port

All the shots were clicked by Redmi Note 8 Pro with wyroczen Gcam 7.3 –>

The quality of some images has gone bad after compression and resizing. Before compression the total size of images was aproxx 130MB.

Check is your device ready for using Gcam Ports

Google camera requires camer2api and it should be installed in your device. if you haven’t installed yet then refer to our below installation guide of camera2api to use Gcam. First of all you need to install for your device.

Install the Manual Camera compatibility apk and open the application if you see all the green ticks, it means your device supports camera2api and you are ready to use the google camera app.

If in case you see the red cross as shown in the below images it means your device doesn’t have camera2api support by default or you have not installed it yet.

Follow our camera2api installation guide again enable the support of camera2api in your device only then you would be able to use the google camera app.

Changelog Of Google Camera 7.3 (Gcam 7.3)

Dual Exposure Control – Dual Exposure control is used for adjusting the brightness and HDR in photos. Astrography features in night sight – Now, the Astrography feature is also added in night sight also. Shutter Button – now, you can use the touch and hold the shutter button to capture the images.

Fix Google Camera Crashes and Issues

  • First of all, make sure you have downloaded a compatible version of google camera apk for your device.
  • If in case, you are still facing the issues then download the Google camera Config file for your device.

Google Camera Port Download For all Devices

We have listed all the Gcam APK for devices in a shorted manner,  just search in your device manufacturer section-

Download Config Files

Arnova8G2 Google camera 7.x Ports Config

Arnova8G2 Google camera 6.x Ports Config

onFire Google camera 7.x Ports Config

Urnyx05 Google camera 7.x Ports Config

Wyroczen Google camera 6.x Ports Config


[Ports] Generic Google Camera APKs (Gcam APKs) Download (Could be Compatible for many Devices)

Arnova’s Google camera port apk | 6.2

Parrot’s Google camera port APK | 7.3

Urnyx’s Google Camera port APK | 7.3

the_dice’s Google Camera port  APK | 7.3

Cstrark27’s Google Camera port APK | 7.2

onFire’s Google Camera port APK | 7.2, 7.3

[Ports] Gcam apk download for Xiaomi devices –

What is the Config File For Google Camera?

Config file for Gcam comes with a set of all predefined strings of codes stored inside an XML (eXtensible Markup Language) File.

The config file is could be extremely useful for only the Google camera port apk users. Because of the developers always try to fix the google camera issue with the config files.

Issues mean to be Low/high color saturation, Unnatural colors or some times the google camera also clicks reddish, pinkish and greeny images.

It doesn’t mean that to use the config file for Gcam would be a better choice always, because the config file also contains bugs sometimes which may you have to face after the complete installation of the google camera apk.

So you have to decide to whether the config file is really useful for you or not.

Here we are taking the Google camera config file of ASUS ROG 2 for example, as you can see the below image contains some Lines of code that was written by the developer to make the google camera more stable –

How to install Google Camera APK and setup the Config File?

  • Download the google camera apk and config file (.xml) for your device.
  • open your file manager and browse the directory of downloads.
  •  [For  Google Camera Version 6.x] Copy the google camera config file and paste it to the Internal Storage > Gcam. (If Folder is not avilable just create a new one)
  •  [For  Google Camera Version 7.x] Copy the google camera config file and paste it to the Internal Storage > Gcam7. (If Folder is not available you need to create it)
  • Now get back to the downloads directory and install the google camera apk.
  • Open the google camera application to allow all the permissions.
  • Double-tap on the black space between the below image capture button and image.
  • Now select the config file for your google camera app.
  • Last step click on the restore.
  • You can see all the google camera config file setup steps again from below image gallery.

Ways to Install Camera2API For Using Gcam :-

Using Magisk:-

If you have installed magisk root in your device then you can install the camera2api module directly. here are a few steps that you need to follow-

  • Open the Magisk Manager application.
  • Tap on the icon to open the right slider.
  • Go to downloads and search camera2api.
  • Download it.
  • Once the downloading gets finished tap on install now.
  • Reboot your device to save changes.
Using TWRP or Custom Recovery:-

First of all you need to Download Camera2api zip file .

  • Poweroff Your Device.
  • Hold volume up and power button to boot your device into TWRP Recovery.
  • Go to Install section > Browse the camera2api zip file.
  • Swipe rightwards to flash.

Using Terminal:-

[ct_message type=”info” ] Before using this method make sure your device is rooted:-

Root your device using Magisk now–> Magisk

    • Download and Install Terminal Emulator (Terminal Emulator APK).
    • Open terminal emulator app.
    • Enter the below given command in terminal.
      su su persist.camera.HAL3.enabled 1 exit exit
    • Now you can confirm the camera2api support using Manual camera compatibility.

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